Infertility & pregnancy regimens

What are the factors involved in creating a healthy child? According to Ayur Matrix, conception takes place due to healthy sperm, a healthy ovum, and a healthy uterus. For both men and women, reproductive health depends on the health of the shukra dhatu, or reproductive tissue.

There are two kinds of foods and herbs that help enhance shukra dhatu, and therefore help enhance fertility. One is called Brimhana, and these foods enhance shukra by enhancing all the seven dhatus. Vrishya foods and herbs target shukra dhatu in particular.

Skin & cosmetic care

Skin is a mirror that reflects the qualities of the Raktadhatu (blood) and the Rasadhatu (body plasma tissue). A healthy, glowing skin is the result of good quality Rasa and Rakta and will always look attractive even without make-up. No skilled beautician can hide the dull look through external applications if the skin is unhealthy inside.

The ancient healing science of Ayurveda is a revolution in the world of natural skin care. It works on the Principle of knowing your skin type first and then starting with the treatments suitable to your particular type.

Hypertension & Cardiac disorders

Due to a stressful lifestyle which is now being followed by a maximum number of population, health issues like high blood pressure or hypertension is now common among the people of all age groups. Hypertension is due to the increase in the pressure of blood in the arteries.

Deadline, targets and turnover are some of the things that dictate people daily routine while health takes a backseat. People now usually wait for the wakeup call before turning their concern towards their body which usually happens in the later stage of the problems.

Cancer management

In Ayurveda, it is said that person is healthy till his/ her " Agni" is robust.

A person becomes diseased if Agni is vitiated and Person succumbs to death when his/ her " Agni" is doused completely.

Same is the description and importance of modern Mitochondria. So much was the vision of our ancient scientist, who without the help of microscope had discovered and described the minutest portion and function of Cell biology and wrote down for the generations, without expecting any royalty.

Anxiety & Depression

Ayurveda mentions Depression as "Vishada & Avasada". Although this disease is categorized under psychological diseases, it can also affect the body; hence it can lead to any physical or psychological disorder.

Depression is an illness that infiltrates your whole body. It affects the way you feel about things and situations, and you feel about yourself, the way you eat and sleep, the way your memory is working.

Joint & rheumatoid disorders

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease of unknown aetiology that affects 0.5% of the population and can result in disability owing to joint destruction, characterized by joint synovial inflammation and progressive cartilage and bone destruction resulting in gradual immobility.

The greatest disadvantage in the presently available potent synthetic drugs lies in their toxicity and reappearance of symptoms after discontinuation. With limitations of existing drug molecules herbal drugs are gaining interest among patients.

Neurological disorders

Synthetic drugs for human brain disorders are expensive symptomatic long treatments, sometimes showing serious and unavoidable side effects with poor patient compliance.

Therefore, the herbal and Ayurvedic treatments are preferred over synthetic drugs for a range of human brain disorders including, Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease, depression, epilepsy, schizophrenia, anxiety, etc.

Digestion & metabolic disorders

The Ayurveda describe the two main concepts of diseases first one which is related to over-nutrition and second one related to under-nutrition.

The disease metabolic disorders is supposed to be the outcome of over nutrition due to defective tissue metabolism.

Till now the management of metabolic disorders is limited only up to the use of drugs that correct dyslipidemia, blood pressure and hyperglycemia.

Hormonal disorders

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body that have an effect on nearly every aspect of both men and women health. They are produced in the endocrine glands and control most body functions from telling you when youre hungry, to the complexity of reproduction, to moods and emotions.

In order for you to feel your best and to be healthy, a number of hormones in your bodies must work together.