I went to this centre because of my mother about 2 years ago when she was suffering from high cholestrol and diabetes then we took her to ayurmatrix clinic which located in Bangalore and find this clinic amazing because the ayurvedic doctors of there clinic are very polite and good in natuture

Neeraj panday

My family and I have been going to Dr. Mamtha for ages. She is the best Ayurvedic doctor we know. I have been so several Ayurvedic places all throughout the world but I have found myself coming back to her over and over again.


I highly recommend Dr Mamtha Bhagavath and Ayurmatrix clinic in Bangalore Enclave, Bangalore. Once a year I go to Bangalore and every time I make sure to book an appointment for consultation and a hot oil massage. Always very professional and kindly..


I was under depreassion where my family did not careabout me and it is this centre who cured me and make me get my life to normal.

Zack Jones Neol.

Perfect and true treatement wher I reduced my weight and am all fit and fine now.


I had migrane and no pills worked but the only thing worked for me is after joining here which cured my migrane.


People say ayurvedic products are ineffective or it takes long time to get results but here in this center I got my allergies cured briskly.


This center values money and also gives the best treatement. Recommended to all the peeps out there.


By god's grace and with the help of the centre I surpassed cancer. Heartfull thanks to each and everyone outthere in making me so confirtable and succeding the treatement.